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Troeg's Hop Horizon IPA 6.5%

Hop Horizon is your shortcut to where the sky meets the bines. A blend of pale malts, wheat and oats lays down a base of gentle grain. Then a combination of Citra, Mosaic and Sabro hops unleashes juicy waves of sweet citrus and bubblegum with a punch of tropical fruit.

2SP Voluptuous Fuzz 4.8%

Brewed with 25 pounds per barrel of peach & apricot puree and finished with sheep sorrel. Sheep sorrel is a common weed that has a tart and effervescent lemon character that adds a bright acidity. This helps bring out the delicate flavors from the peach and apricots.

Troegs Sunshine Pilsner 4.5%

Troegs American Pilsner with tastes of bright citrus, flowering herbs, and honeyed biscuit. 

Our “East Coast” version of a West Coast-style IPA. Intense hop flavors and aromas of tropical and citrus fruits and pine dominate. A subtle malt sweetness brings the beer into balance. Lunch is a special whale that has been spotted off the Maine coast since 1982. She has what looks like a bite taken out of her fin, which adds to her unique character. We dedicate this beer to her determination and persistence.

*Stone RuinTen Triple IPA 10.8%

In our Brewers’ Tasting Panel, we all get excited every time we sample one of our new beers for the first time. When we absolutely nail a beer, and get exactly what we were hoping for on the first swing, we call it a homerun. This morning’s (hey, we’re professionals!) taste panel was definitely a homerun. Or, as Brewing Supervisor Mike Richmond commented, “this one has got the love.” We brewed this beer using the same ingredients as in our classic Stone Ruination IPA, but bumped up the malt to achieve its elevated 10.8% ABV. And of course we jacked up the hops as well. Not just in the boil, but we doubled the dry-hop amount, using a 50/50 blend of Centennial and Citra. The combination is, dare I say, magic. 


Industrial Arts Pocket Wrench Pale Ale  4.5%

This little number is soaked with Citra and Comet. It's like mineral tangelo juice with a peppery marigold note. Smashable.

*Lawson's Sip of Sunshine DIPA 8%

This lupulin-ladin India Pale Ale is packed with juicy tropical fruit character, bright floral aromas and delectable layers of hop flavor. Pour mindfully, inhale deeply and enjoy a tropical vacation in a glass. Always store cold, enjoy fresh and stay cool!

* Not Available on Happy Hour


2SP Wawa Coffee Stout 6.5%

 Our head brewer, Bob Barrar, who, like Wawa, is a Delaware County native chose to steep the beans in an oatmeal stout, a style that has a balanced sweetness to showcase the full range of flavors of the coffee.


Allagash White 5.2%

A traditional Belgian-style witbier.

Guinness Draught 5.8% 

Rich and creamy. Distinctively black. Velvety in its finish. This iconic beer is defined by harmony. Sip after sip, sweet counters bitter as the malt arrives on cue to compliment a base of roasted barley. Just as the unmistakable white head sits flush atop the dark beer, so do the flavors counter and combine perfectly.

Miller Lite 4.17%

Light American Lager

Yuengling Lager 4.5%  

Famous for its rich amber color and medium-bodied flavor with roasted caramel malt for a subtle sweetness and a combination of cluster and cascade hops.


Spatan Original Lager 5.2%

A taproom favorite from back in the day this light lager is a true favorite of our customers since day 1!

Down East Pineapple Cider 5%

 Unfiltered apple cider infused with Pineapple. Smooth and refreshing, perfectly balanced. Like the cider you grew up drinking.

What's Next on Tap:

Lawson's Sip of Sunshine DIPA

Russian River Happy Hop IPA

Finback IPA

Saison Dupont

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High Noon Seltzer
(Black Cherry, Grapefruit, Watermelon, and Pineapple)

Cape May Seltzers
(Black Cherry, Grapefruit, Pineapple, and Mango

Omission Lager

*Flying Embers Orange Passion Mimosa Kombucha
(0 Carbs & No Sugar)

* New this summer!



Sea Isle Spiked Iced Tea

OIP (1).jpg


Yuengling Flight 
Amstel Light

Bud Light

Coors Light

Michelob Ultra

Miller Lite


(New)Lawson's Little Sip IPA

Dogfish Head 90 Minute

Carlsberg Pilsner
16oz Cans
($4.00 all day everyday)

New Belgium Fat Tire
Belgian Ale

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Troeg's Perpetual IPA

Vault Brewing
Of Hops & Clouds Pale Ale

Dogfish Head Lemon Quest(N/A)
This Non-Alcoholic beverage is like combining a wheat beer with a lemonade!


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Corona Extra

Heineken N/A

Molson Canadian

Omission (GF)

Stella Artois





Tito's Honey

Tito's Vodka, Honey Simple Syrup, Lemonade


Pretty in Pink

Ketel One Grapefruit & Rose Vodka, Prosecco, Splash of Grapefruit

Watermelon Mojito

Muddled with Mint, Malibu Watermelon Rum, Simple Syrup, Club Soda


Bourbon Cosmo

Jameson Orange, Cranberry, and Lime

Patio Punch (The Original)

Captain White Rum, Malibu, Grenadine, Orange and Pineapple Juice with a Myer's Floater.

Now Serving Aviation Gin

Ryan Reynold's Gin Company

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Corralejo Silver Muddled Lime and Orange, Simple Syrup, POM juice, Splash Sour Mix

The Classic

Corralejo Silver, Muddled Lime & Orange, Simple Syrup, Triple Sec, Splash of Sour Mix


Corralejo Silver, Muddled Lime & Orange, Jalapeno Simple Syrup, Triple Sec, Splash of Sour Mix


Kentucky Mule 

Makers Mark, lime, ginger beer

Moscow Mule

Absolut, lime, ginger beer

Tijuana Mule 

Alto's Silver, lime, ginger beer

Wine Bottle Selection



Canyon Oaks

Big Smooth

Also Available

Canyon Oaks Merlot

Crusher Pinot Noir

Portillo Malbec

Fatum Tempranillo

Côté Mas Rosé

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Canyon Oaks


William Hill

Pinot Grigio



Also Available

Canyon Oaks White Zinfandel

Arona Sauvignon Blanc

Kreusch Riesling